Harding Players, Students Show Class in Comforting Opponent

When a small group of Henderson State football players traveled to Searcy to visit injured teammate Robert Jordan they were surprised to see he already had visitors. Another group of players were by Jordan’s hospital bedside — members of the Harding University squad.
“Phil Mion (HU safety) heard that Robert stayed to have his surgery at White County Medical Center, and would be there for a few days. We figured it would be the right thing to do to go check on him,” Harding receiver Alex Finley told the Henderson State sports information department. “Even if he is our opponent, we would never wish that kind of injury on anyone. He’s a great player, and it was sad to see that happen to him. Another reason we went was because Phil knew he was a Miami guy, and most likely didn’t have his family there with him.”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/STATON BREIDENTHAL  Henderson State All-American Robert Jorndan broke his leg in a game at Harding University last Saturday.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/STATON BREIDENTHAL
Henderson State All-American Robert Jorndan broke his leg in a game at Harding University last Saturday.

Jordan, an All-American Reddies wide receiver, broke his leg in a 45-30 win against Harding last Saturday. The injury was gruesome enough teammates called for the trainers immediately, and players from each sideline gathered around him in prayer.
Jordan injured his leg while catching his third touchdown of the day on a crossing pattern in the end zone. Jordan planted his left foot and a defender hit the leg, causing it to break.
An ambulance transported Jordan to White County Medical Center where he underwent a two-hour procedure to fixate the tibia with a rod.
According to the HSU SID article, The Harding players visited Jordan along with HSU mates Vince Thompson, Cameron Deveraux, Christian Love and Chris King for several hours.
“We really enjoyed talking with him and some of his teammates,” Finley added. “They are athletes just like us so we just sat around and talked football with them, and prayed for Rob. I’ve never really talked with opposing players outside the playing field, but it was a really cool experience. They are a great group of guys. We wish them the best of luck in the rest of their season, and pray for a full recovery for Rob so he can get back to doing what we all love.”
However, that’s not where Harding’s good-will gesture ended. According to an article in The Christian Chronicle, Harding students stood outside Jordan’s hospital room and spelled out “Get Well # 1” with Harding’s former president and current chancellor, David Burks, forming the middle of the “G.”
Kudos to the kids at Harding for putting competition aside and understanding they could comfort Jordan, whose football career is most likely finished. Others can learn from the act of kindness they showed an opponent in need.

6 comments on “Harding Players, Students Show Class in Comforting Opponent
  1. Jo Byrd Huddleston says:

    As a Harding Alumni, I am happy and proud to know about the kindness and caring of Harding folks toward the injured Henderson player. Thanks for writing the article.

  2. Larry Bone says:

    I can vouch for this happening. I was at the hospital on another matter. Harding volleyball team brought the Henderson player cookies, a Harding administration person visited the player 2 or 3 times, and others made sure the player was receiving the best care possible. A great display of leadership at Harding.

  3. Donna Chambers Weselius says:

    I am so proud of these Harding students! I am also proud to be a Harding alumna!

  4. Barry Sellers says:

    Class act by class Student athletes of class school.

  5. Sarah says:

    Love hearing stories about young men of character! So many times news stories only cover contarversy and the good guys are forgotten. I am a HSU alumna and am so proud to hear about both teams rallying around this young man during a tough time.

  6. Tyler Thomason says:

    Being an Arkansas boy, I have long admired everything Harding. After years of playing, coaching & officiating in Searcy & at Harding, I have never heard 1 bad thing concerning this school. Very proud of these players, coaches, students & administrators but not surprised by this supreme show of class & sportsmanship! Kuddos again Harding University!!!