Bradley leaves post at Sports 93.3 The Source

Pat Bradley confirmed Thursday night he’s left his position as morning show host at new sports talk station KKSP Sports 93.3 The Source. His last B&S in the Morning show during the 6-9 a.m.weekday slot was Thursday.
“After a lot of thought I’ve made a decision to leave my current position,” Bradley says. “I’d like to thank the ownership group for the opportunity they’ve given me. I’m ready for the next step in my life and am excited about the big things ahead.”
Bradley, a former University of Arkansas basketball player, left 103.7 the Buzz in February to launch a morning show for The Source that began an all-sports format a month earlier.
Bradley’s non-compete clause kept him from hitting the air until May when former Arkansas quarterback and Bradley’s friend since college, Clint Stoerner, joined him to form Bradley and Stoerner (B&S) in the Morning.

 Former Arkansas basketball player Pat Bradley left his position as morning show host at sports station Sports 93. The Source.

Former Arkansas basketball player Pat Bradley left his position as morning show host at sports station Sports 93.3 The Source.

Bradley declined comment on why he left Sports 93.3 The Source and if he’ll return to the Buzz and the show The Zone that he co-hosted for nearly six years with Buzz program director Justin Acri.
Because of the standard non-compete clause, Bradley can’t appear on-air on any Little Rock station for 90 days, but it appears there’s a chance he could return to The Zone. Acri never hired a replacement for Bradley, instead using a rotation of guests throughout the week to co-host the show that airs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays.
On Friday morning Stoerner hosted B&S, which still used the introduction that included Bradley. THV Channel 11 sports anchor Mark Edwards substituted for Bradley but as the show opened Stoerner didn’t mention Bradley’s absence.

5 comments on “Bradley leaves post at Sports 93.3 The Source
  1. Hal Bierman says:


    Pats upbeat style tempered by Clints even keel manner was a great match.
    My wife and I listened every morning on the way to work together.
    It’s the Martin with no Lewis show now. Drab at best. We will likely find another show to listen to as it stands.
    Clint is good as a team player but I don’t see him carrying the show.
    Sincerely, Hal Bierman

  2. Jimmy Conway says:

    Now it will just be Clint saying “bro..that’s sick” “Bro, my jeans cost a 150.00.” (commercial)
    “They’re gonna beat the brakes off them……Bro”

    • Ricky Vinson says:

      Not the same. Can hardly stomach the slow drab release of Clint without the enthusiasm of Pat. No offense to Clint. Pat is a proven profesional. A perfect misfit for Arkansas radio.

    • Mike Hoback says:

      Or “blue tooth that thang in”. In all seriousness he’s not that bad. It gets old listening to his deep monotone voice after awhile but I’ve heard worse, like the show with no name. Now that is plain awful.

  3. Timothy Hicks says:

    I think Clint has been pretty good by himself, but it was really good show with Bradley as well. Now that Pat is no longer on the show it doesn’t seem right to keep calling it BS in the morning. I kind of wish they would bring The Derrick Ruskin and Tommy Craft show to the morning lineup.