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Stoerner to Lucas: The Best game I’ve ever seen even 15 years later

In the victorious Arkansas locker room, Frank Broyles called it “one of the greatest victories in school history.” It was, and still is, the best game I’ve seen in person. I’m betting most Hog fans won’t forget it either.
You know the one. Stoerner to Lucas. Arkansas 28, No. 3 Tennessee 24. Fifteen years ago today.
I was in my second year as as a sportswriter at the Benton County Daily Record, and I covered all the Hogs home games. I was eager to cover this one, after a week of hype.
The season before, in Houston Nutt’s first season as Arkansas’ head coach, the Hogs cruised through the schedule and entered a late-season game with Tennessee with an  8-0 mark. Arkansas led that game 24-21 late with the ball. A couple of first downs, and Arkansas would be 9-0 with national title hopes intact.
However, as many remember and wish they could forget, UA quarterback Clint Stoerner tripped over the late Brandon Burlsworth’s foot and when he landed, the ball it popped out of his grasp.
Tennessee recovered and a few plays later scored and won the game 28-24. The Vols eventually won the national championship.
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