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World Cup Block Party Makes for Interesting Experience

The street is blocked off. The aroma of brats cooking on a charcoal grill hangs in the air. Revelers clad in red, white and blue are swilling beer and chanting. I’ve seen this scene before — Wrigleyville in Chicago, one of my favorite places on earth. Where the party nearly always overshadows the Cubs games and rare high hopes are crushed.
Unfortunately, the same scenario unfolded at Dugan’s Pub Tuesday as more than 1,000 people gathered in the street to watch a big screen as USA took on Belgium in the first round of the knockout stage.
I had mentioned in this space after USA beat Ghana in the opener, that I wasn’t going to feel pressured into catching the fever. I’m with my Sync political columnist Bill Vickery, we are all for the country winning in everything but when the Cup finishes, soccer goes back to the back of the bus.
While I’m not quick to jump on a bandwagon just because everyone else has bought an authentic USA soccer jersey, I do love a spectacle. I also love Don Dugan, a fellow Cubs fan who happens to own a very cool establishment that serves great food.
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Not Feeling Guilty About Not Watching The World Cup

Call me me a curmudgeon, unpatriotic. Call me what you will, but I don’t know if I believe WE can win, and I don’t care. There I said it. I’m not a soccer fan, and I’m not into the World Cup. I haven’t watched one minute. No face paint, no authentic team jersey or watch parties, although I have to admit the scene Monday at Dugan’s Pub for the USNT’s opener Monday against Ghana looked to be electric.
I would say I may not watch at all, but I know I am guaranteed to watch at least a few minutes as I am appearing on The Zone on 103.7 The Buzz Thursday at a watch party at Jim’s Razorback Pizza in west Little Rock.
However, this whole thing is not for me, and I’m not going to be bullied into thinking it is a must-watch event for Americans. Just like I don’t question those that don’t watch the wall-to-wall Summer Olympics coverage like I do,  or the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament or the Super Bowl for more than the commercials or an excuse to drink and eat good food.

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