Eating well in Iowa

As mentioned in this space, we have planned our trip to Iowa since May. During that time we have made hotel arrangements made plans to see family and friends and scheduled some of our favorite places to eat.

Just two days into the trip, and we have aleady eaten like kings.


After a long drive, we pulled into Des Moines hungry. We made our way to a neighborhood favorite called Skip’s. A small, cozy restaurant that seemed to speicalize in steaks by looking at the menu.

At the urging of my friend and road companion, Justin Acri, I opted for the steak de Burgo. After some research I discovered the dish is a beef tenderloin topped with butter, Italian herbs and garlic.

Turns out, the steak is a Des Moines favorite and was introduced by a Des Moines restaraunt owner who discovred the topping while serving in the military in New Orleans in the 1940s.

image imageIt ended up being a great choice. Tender, corn-fed beef wtih the savory toppings. The baked potato side wasn’t great, but the beef made up for it,



What a food day. The past two years I have made an effort to eat … Read more >

Anticipated Hogs road trip to Iowa has been memorable

The text messages came before I even heard the news. It was May, and it was just announced that Iowa State was playing Arkansas in basketball.

One friend asked me who I would be rooting for. Then as I read the official press release of the announcment of the game that is a part of the Big 12/SEC Challenge, I received a text from my friend and fellow native Iowan, Justin Acri.

“Arkansas at Iowa State, we are going.”

By June we aleready had a hotel booked. If you have listened to Acri’s show, The Zone heard on 103.7 The Buzz with co-host Pat Bradley, you have heard the trip mentioned often. And for good reason.

Acri and I grew up die-hard Iowa State fans, and most of the time that wasn’t easy. We both grew up near the campus and had family who attaended ISU. I started going to games when I was three. My dad, an ISU alum, was extremely proud of his alma mater, and every time we visited the campus he showed me an old dorm, an old class building or another landmark. I loved every minute of it, and he had hooked me. I was … Read more >

Stoerner to Lucas: The Best game I’ve ever seen even 15 years later

In the victorious Arkansas locker room, Frank Broyles called it “one of the greatest victories in school history.” It was, and still is, the best game I’ve seen in person. I’m betting most Hog fans won’t forget it either.
You know the one. Stoerner to Lucas. Arkansas 28, No. 3 Tennessee 24. Fifteen years ago today.
I was in my second year as as a sportswriter at the Benton County Daily Record, and I covered all the Hogs home games. I was eager to cover this one, after a week of hype.
The season before, in Houston Nutt’s first season as Arkansas’ head coach, the Hogs cruised through the schedule and entered a late-season game with Tennessee with an  8-0 mark. Arkansas led that game 24-21 late with the ball. A couple of first downs, and Arkansas would be 9-0 with national title hopes intact.
However, as many remember and wish they could forget, UA quarterback Clint Stoerner tripped over the late Brandon Burlsworth’s foot and when he landed, the ball it popped out of his grasp.
Tennessee recovered and a few plays later scored and won the game 28-24. The Vols eventually won the national championship.
I watched the … Read more >

NLR Star Hill feared for his life during bus crash

A day after a wild pregame bus accident that hospitalized an assistant coach, North Little Rock star receiver K.J. Hill is glad to be alive.
“I ain’t gonna lie, I  thought we were going to die,” Hill said Friday. “Everybody thought we were going to die. We were going so fast, it was slow. It puts things into perspective. You never know which game might be your last.”
North Little Rock athletic director Gary Davis to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Thursday night that the bus carrying the offense to a pregame meal at a local church was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 40 at the JFK exit just before 4 p.m. The defensive bus was already at the church, but the offensive and junior varsity bus lagged behind.
An accident had already occurred and offensive coordinator Blake Pizan was driving the bus and was trying to avoid the cars. Hill, who was one 31 players who weren’t injured, was seated in the back.
“I felt the bus skirting across the road, and I looked up. [Pizan] said, ‘Everybody hang on,’” Hill said. “We barely missed another bus and were on two wheels because we were going so fast. Then, … Read more >

Mustain’s mother breaks silence after former UA coach Nutt addresses NWA Touchdown Club

Beck Campbell has kept her opinions of the 2006 Arkansas football season and the treatment of her son, Mitch Mustain, to herself until yesterday. However, after former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt addressed the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club and proclaimed that he and former Hogs offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn got along, Campbell had heard enough.

Campbell fumed on social media Wednesday night.

“For the record … in spite of what Nutt said at the [NWA Touchdown Club] and what Gus said in his radio interview … they DID NOT get along. EVERYTHING bad that happened the year they worked together was a direct result of the pissing match between the two … to say otherwise is an out-right lie. Just had to get it out there …”

Campbell’s blood began boiling last month after Nutt interviewed Malzahn for SiriusXM. Malzahn was cordial despite numerous accounts the two didn’t get along during the 2006 season and that Malzahn’s hiring from Springdale High School was not Nutt’s idea.

“I really appreciate coach Nutt giving me an opportunity to get into college football,” Malzahn said. “I wouldn’t be here where I’m at right now if it hadn’t been for coach taking a chance on … Read more >